Five Reasons to Incorporate Pharmacogenetics in a Business

Mental Health, BiogeniQ

14 March 2019

Mental health is a key point of concern for many businesses. In fact, one in two Canadians will be affected by mental health issues and 9% of Canadians will take antidepressants in their lifetime. […]

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Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

Mental Health, BiogeniQ, Health, TDAH

27 July 2017

Most people would agree that pretty much everyone experiences some anxiety on a daily basis. Low levels of anxiety can be beneficial as they help us respond quickly to dangerous situations. […]

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Oppositional Defiant disorder (ODD)

Mental Health, BiogeniQ, ADHD

24 July 2017

Crises, power struggles and negotiation are all too well-known for parents who have a child with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD). However, for those who are not familiar with this disorder: […]

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Depression: how to tell if you are depressed?

Do you know someone who has suffered from depression?

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