ADHD White Paper Summary

ADHD, Pharmacogenetics, BiogeniQ

19 November 2018

At the forefront of innovations in health care is personalized medicine. Contrary to the current method of treating each patient in the manner that works best on average, personalized medicine […]

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CADDRA guidelines: The Canadian reference for ADHD

Attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADHD) is often misunderstood and can be difficult to treat. Fortunately, a Canadian not-for-profit organization exists called the […]

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Fear of adverse drug reactions – The zombie effect of medications on children

ADHD, Pharmacogenetics, BiogeniQ

29 October 2018


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The Fear of Giving Birth

BiogeniQ, Health, Cancer

21 August 2017

For most women, finding out they are pregnant is one of happiest days of their lives.

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DNA 101: Video

BiogeniQ, Pharmacogenetics

17 August 2017

Have you ever wondered why some people experience unwanted side effects when they take certain drugs? Learn more about pharmacogenetics in this quick video.

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How lifestyle can affect drug response

BiogeniQ, Pharmacogenetics, Health

14 August 2017

The body responds to drugs based on several factors. Obviously, our genetic make-up affects our unique response to drugs, but lifestyle habits can also determine the effectiveness of drug-based […]

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I'm Living With The Most Deadly Women's Cancer

BiogeniQ, Health, Genetic Disease

09 August 2017

Original article available on Huffpost. Article written by Esther Hockenstein 

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The link between ADHD and diet

ADHD, BiogeniQ, Nutrition

01 August 2017

While experts may agree on the genetic causes of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), there has been less research on the impact environment can have on this disorder. A number of […]

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Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

BiogeniQ, Mental Health, Health, TDAH

27 July 2017

Most people would agree that pretty much everyone experiences some anxiety on a daily basis. Low levels of anxiety can be beneficial as they help us respond quickly to dangerous situations. […]

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Causes of cancer: environment, genetics, or "bad luck"?

BiogeniQ, Health, Cancer

26 July 2017

In the past decades, cancer research has made great strides which have translated in tangible advances for patients, such as the advent of personalized medicine. Since we know so much about this […]

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