Testimonial - Nutrition Profile: Sixty-year-old man

BiogeniQ, Testimonial, Nutrition

14 December 2016


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Sixty-year-old man. Curious to learn more about the genetic analysis process and to discover new ways to improve his nutrition. He believes in prevention to lead a healthy life.


  • He is already healthy and stays in shape through various physical activities, including biking.
  • He monitors his weight closely and tries to control his nutrition to stay healthy.
  • He suffers from stomach pains and would like to know if there are changes that he could make to remedy this issue.
  • He already suffered from cancer and wishes to ensure his nutrition is optimized to avoid other diseases.


  • He heard about the BiogeniQ Nutrition Profile at a conference, and decided to take the test.
  • He obtained a complete report as well a consultation with a dietitian to put in place more preventive actions every day.


  • The report indicated nutritional elements for which he was at risk of being deficient. He was then able to adjust his nutrition based on the advice contained in the genetic report.
  • The consultation with the dietitian allowed him to go even further with these recommendations and to ask questions about his nutrition plan.
  • The dietitian gave him several food choices that were in line with the report’s recommendations and that may help reduce his daily stomach aches.