Testimonial - Nutrition Profile : Forty-year-old woman

BiogeniQ, Testimonial, Nutrition

14 December 2016

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Forty-year-old woman. Curious to know more about the health predispositions that she has. Wanted to know what she could change to improve her nutrition.


  • She is already careful in terms of nutrition, but she wished to know what other steps she could take to improve her chances of being healthy in the long-term.
  • She cooks her own meals, but she must make them for the entire family. As such, she needs to find recipes that please everyone.


  • She had already heard about the Nutrition Profile by BiogeniQ, and decided to order it to get her personalized report.
  • She received a consultation with one of BiogeniQ’s dietitians to transform the recommendations into actionable advice. She was then able to create recipes that the entire family would appreciate.


  • The report indicated that she had an increased sensitivity to sodium and caffeine, both of which can have an impact on her general cardiovascular health.
  • The dietitian gave her tricks to create meals that integrated the report’s recommendations while being enjoyable for her children.
  • The dietitian also suggested several ways to increase her Omega-3 intake. She found these recommendations to be concrete and easy to integrate in her daily life.
  • A few months later, she is still following the recommendations that she received. She has built a list of meals that she knows her family enjoys. She can now plan the week’s meals in advance, which eases grocery shopping!