Testimonial - Nutrition Profile: 65-year-old man

BiogeniQ, Testimonial, Nutrition

14 December 2016

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Sixty-five-year-old man wanted to identify actions that he can take to generally improve his health that supplement his typical physical activities.


  • He had already met with a dietitian to speak about his sensibility to sodium. However, despite having reduced his sodium intake, he did not feel that his general health was as good as it could be. He wanted to see more improvements.
  • He wanted to identify missing nutritional elements that would allow him to achieve his fitness goals.


  • His curiosity led him to BiogeniQ’s Nutrition Profile.
  • With his genetic report, he learnt that his sensibility was not to sodium, but rather to having a high-level of blood triglycerides.
  • He received a consultation with a dietitian to obtain a better understanding of his results and to be able to achieve his personal goals.


  • The report indicated that he was at risk of having high levels of blood triglycerides; as such he needed to monitor his intake of omega-3 to ensure that it was sufficient.
  • He then modified his nutritional habits based on the results he received. Combined with his cardiovascular training, he is putting his focus on the most important factors for him.
  • Eight months later, he has succeeded in losing several pounds. The report has allowed him to concentrate on the “real” problems in his nutrition and the dietitian gave him practical advice that was easy to put into action.