Testimonial - ADHD Pharma Profile: Ten-year-old boy

BiogeniQ, ADHD, Testimonial

14 December 2016



Ten-year-old boy. He has two older brothers. His parents and brothers were all diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


  • The two older brothers are currently taking medications for ADHD. They both had to go through a difficult trial and error process to find a medication that was effective and that did not cause too many unwanted side effects.
  • After discussions with his teacher and his doctor, the youngest son was also diagnosed with ADHD.
  • This time, the mother would like to minimize the trial and error process and find an effective medication that doesn’t cause unwanted side effects.


  • The mother ordered the ADHD Pharma Profile for her son as soon as he received the ADHD diagnosis.
  • She had the results with her at the doctor’s appointment when the medication was prescribed.
  • The treatment began with a medication that had no identified genetic risks of being incompatible.


  • The treatment has just begun and is going well so far. The effectiveness of the chosen medication is good and the young boy does not suffer from major side effects.
  • The dosage will continue to be adjusted with the clinician to ensure the efficacy is maximized.
  • The mother was reassured by the ADHD Pharma Profile report. She felt more confident when the treatment began, knowing which medications had higher chances of being incompatible and, as such, avoiding them.
  • The mother thought the report was clear and easy to understand—she was able to take control of her son’s health!