Optimize your medication according to your DNA

BiogeniQ, Health

05 October 2016

The same medication – taken at the same dosage to treat the same symptoms – can produce varying results for different individuals. It may be very effective for some, and less so for others. For some people, it may even be harmful. These potential side effects are normally listed on the labels of most medications. Unfortunately, this doesn’t keep thousands of people from falling victim to these undesirable side effects each year. How do you really know if a medication that is effective for a friend will be truly effective for you, or if it will be dangerous? Although a DNA test is not a definitive solution, it can certainly help answer many of these types of questions.

Genetic tests and medication

Medical advances over the past few decades have revealed the major importance of genetic information. The ability to decrypt the genetic code has resulted in the birth and development of many disciplines. Among these is pharmacogenetics. Emerging in recent decades, it relates to the study of our genes’ influence on the effects of drug treatments. In other words, based on an individual’s specific genes, its purpose is to understand why individuals react differently to the same drug, in the same dosages. Results from various studies on this subject have proven that variable responses to drug treatments can be related to each person’s genetic characteristics.

Genetic screening to establish your profile

The scientific process of pharmacogenetics is fairly simple. It begins with a DNA test that analyzes the enzymes responsible for processing medications in our bodies. The purpose of these enzymes is generally to activate or eliminate the medication. Once the analysis is completed, the level of enzyme activity is known and can thus be used to predict the response to a particular medication. In other words, this process helps identify, for each individual, the medications that are likely to produce good results, which ones may have negative side effects, as well as those that are likely to be ineffective. You can therefore easily imagine why this approach is important for an individual’s well-being.

An individualized approach to better health through medication

By doing a DNA test to predict your body’s unique responses to medications, you will be able to take control of your health by eliminating ineffective treatments, or those that could have negative side effects on your health. You will then be able to take the right medications in the proper dosages in order to recover more quickly and effectively. Additionally, since your DNA never changes, the results of these analyses will be useful for your entire life.

Where do you get your genetic test done?

To get your DNA test across Canada and take control of your health, BiogeniQ provides the necessary expertise. Specializing in applied genetics, the company offers different kinds of genetic tests to help you maximize your health and well-being based on your genotype. Among these tests is the Pharma Profile, a report that predicts your response to 54 medications. Following extensive analysis of the test results, BiogeniQ offers genetic information and recommendations, preferably in conjunction with your healthcare professional (doctor or pharmacist), to help you select the right medications as well as the proper dosages.