A DNA test to optimize your eating habits


05 October 2016

Everyone agrees that what you eat greatly influences your overall health. However, you can easily see that diets meant to keep people healthy don’t work the same way for everybody, even when they follow similar lifestyles, including their environment, activity level, and nutrition. Why does this happen? For a very simple reason: we are all genetically unique. And that’s exactly why a DNA test can be so useful: it can help us more clearly understand what’s required for our own individual well-being.

What is the relationship between genetic screening and nutrition?

Genetic testing is often used to identify individuals or to determine whether or not people are related. There are many scientific and technological reasons to better understand human DNA, but the benefits related to our ability to “read” genetic information go much, much further. As a matter of fact, these days, advances in the field are helping people achieve better overall health and well-being. Many studies conducted on the subject have shown that each individual’s reaction to the food they ingest is intimately linked to their genetic identity. This is the basis of nutrigenomics. According to this field of study, genetic screening helps everyone take control of their health and provides them with the knowledge of what kind of food is most suitable for them.

Nutrigenomics: a personalized approach to wellness through food

In order to avoid nutritional deficiencies and ensure good health over the long term, it’s generally recommended that a specific diet plan be adopted based on various scientific factors such as calorie content, the detailed nutritional composition of the food, or even how easily the body absorbs these nutrients. However, these solutions have limits, which explains why different individuals sometimes experience very different results from the same diet, or why certain effects occur within the body. These diet plans don’t consider each individual’s genetic characteristics! Because of this, they clearly don’t meet each individual’s bodily needs. A DNA test and a personalized consultation can fill this gap and help determine an appropriate diet for each person’s well-being.

A personalized diet based on your genetic test

There are three essential steps in the process to establish the ideal diet for each individual. The first is the genetic evaluation. Done in a laboratory by a specialist, it determines and analyzes certain genetic variants linked to the metabolism of nutrients. These nutrients impact your cardiovascular health, bone health, metabolic health, and weight. This evaluation also includes an analysis of key elements or sources of intolerance. The second step consists of specific dietary recommendations based on your DNA test results and provided by a specialist who analyzes your body’s response. The third step consists of a follow-up with a dietician in order to optimize your new diet.

BiogeniQ: the genetic screening specialists

BiogeniQ specializes in DNA testing in Quebec and the rest of Canada, while offering different kinds of genetic evaluations in order to ensure that you remain in good health. The Nutrition Profile also provides a comprehensive nutrigenomics-based approach, which allows you to determine the most suitable diet for your particular DNA. The test results are over 99% reliable, and all recommendations are provided in collaboration with nutrition experts.